Singapore’s largest groundbreaking ceremony in Tampines


The People’s Association is considering building more integrated town hubs in addition to the one at Tampines.

Its chief executive director Ang Hak Seng hinted at this during the ground breaking ceremony of Singapore’s first integrated town hub in Tampines on Saturday.

Mr Ang said the integrated hub is a unique project with many values and the PA is mulling the possibility of implementing it elsewhere.

However, Mr Ang declined to reveal more details such as where other integrated town hubs could be built.


Saturday morning saw over 2,500 residents in Tampines taking part in Singapore’s largest ground breaking ceremony.


The Tampines town hub will bring together public services such as the community clubs, regional library and sports facilities under one roof.

It will adopt a sustainable model for its community spaces by harnessing solar energy and natural rainfall.

Over 15,000 residents had taken part in focus group discussions, interviews and surveys, for over a year, to put together their vision for the hub.

Tampines resident Teh Teik Lee, who had participated in the survey, said: “I gave ideas like an integrated place for leisure, recreation and learning, food — everything in one place. Things like an indoor swimming pool, library, a park for residents to enjoy their leisure time and sports facilities like bowling and badminton courts.

“So when I looked at the model, I’m very excited to see that my ideas are actually (incorporated) into the artist impression and model.”

The People’s Association said that close to 1,000 suggestions were received from residents.

Education Minister and MP for Tampines GRC Heng Swee Keat said: “The design of the town hub incorporates many of these ideas. So, it’s one of those where it’s a bottom-up process and the foundation of the design is really the ideas of the residents.

“This is a very resident-centric town hub and I’m very happy that the architects made many changes as a result of the feedback from residents.

He also touched on the significance of the project to the community.

Mr Heng said: “This is a significant and important project for us to serve the residents of Tampines region. It is the first ever integrated town hub combining recreational, sporting, community and culture facilities in one location.


“It will provide a focal point for families to come together, to develop closer bonds, and for the community to develop a stronger community spirit, and we hope to bring this kampong spirit and reinforce this kampong spirit in our neighbourhood.”

The People’s Association is currently gathering more ideas and suggestions from residents on the “software” aspect of the hub, and it wants residents to give feedback on what kind of programmes they would like to see conducted there.

The Tampines town hub will be ready in two phases, starting from 2016.


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