Tampines Bike Park makes way for development


A bicycle park in Tampines will soon make way for development, but there may be plans for a new one.

Located along Tampines Avenue 9, the park was built three years ago for the Youth Olympic Games’ mountain bike events.

It is now making way for a new town, Tampines North.

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) said earthworks have begun at the site.

The 60-hectare park has one of the country’s four mountain bike trails, and is used by some 2,600 bikers every month, on average, according to the Singapore Sports Council.


People that MediaCorp spoke to said casual mountain bikers would be affected by the redevelopment.


One biker said: “Usually they will come down here for a quick (biking) trail and then go to work. So if you close this trail, I don’t think they will have time to go and ride (elsewhere).”

Another added: “The Ketam Trail at Pulau Ubin, the Bukit Timah Trail — I mean these are more advanced. For us starters, this is the place we go to. So if they take down this place, where do we start?”

HDB told MediaCorp it is working with the Singapore Sports Council to identify a suitable location for a new bike park.


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